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Mesology uses regular medicine and integrates knowledge from complementary (alternative) medicine to a get a complete picture of you as an individual, and what the cause is of your complaints.

The Mesologist looks for the underlying cause of the signals and complaints. Instead of treating the symptoms. 

To determine the best therapy from the different perspectives, all aspects of your health are taken into account. Also consider your diet, lifestyle, physical and mental-emotional health.

The goal is to improve your health in the long term. Focused on the body's self-healing capacity.


Mesology Consultation

The basics of a Mesologist

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ayurveda the medicine from India

Regular (Western) Medicine

Orthomolecular Medicine


Herbal medicine


Exercise and Lifestyle

Physical & Mental condition

When*: Between Nov '23 and Jun '24

*Dates to be determined during this period


Location*: IMC Amsterdam

*Contactweg 145, 1014 BJ Amsterdam

Reachable by public transport.

Free parking in front of the door



*Reimbursement possible with additional insurance

Questions about Mesology?

Would you like to make an appointment for the mesology consultation?

Call me on: +31 (0) 85 016 18 93

What does the consultation look like?

Before the consultation

I would like to receive some information about you before the appointment which is a completed intake form and an overview of the foods eaten. 

During the consultation


During the consultation we will further discuss the completed documents, regarding the complaint(s), the history, and the current circumstances.

Tongue and Pulse research 

Based on Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, I perform a tongue and pulse examination. 

The wrist  and tongue provide a lot of information about the organs and their functioning. 

For example, I feel the pressure and force of the wrist. And I look at the color, shape and moisture of the tongue.

Abdominal examination 

Just like the GP, I also do an abdominal examination.

The tension, the sound, the sensitivity of the abdomen, where the organs are located, also provide me with information that I can use. 

Extensive Electro Physiological Research

The body and organs have a certain resistance. This resistance can be measured at certain points on the hands and feet with the EFD measuring device.

During the extensive EFD research I measure approximately 80-100 measuring points.

The value gives an impression of the functioning of the biochemical systems in the body.

They are used to provide a complete picture of you as an individual.

While measuring, I also measure nutrition, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and hormones.


VedaPulse Research

The VedaPulse makes a unique analysis based on Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda that maps your health. You will receive a detailed report with nutritional advice.


During a follow-up consultation we will make a new analysis and compare the results.

vedapulse logo.PNG

After the consultation

After the consultation you will receive personal advice based on the findings during the consultation.  This advice covers the topics below, with explanations and tips.

Nutrition advice

Supplements: supplements are often recommended for 6-8 weeks (until the next appointment), longer use of the supplements is not recommended, as the supplements may no longer be necessary after this period.



Repeat consultation

After approximately 6-8 weeks, a second consultation is often scheduled. During this consultation we will repeat the therapy, compare whether there has been an improvement compared to the previous consultation, and determine the new strategy.

It is important to mention that Mesology is not a substitute for regular medical care and that it is important to consult a doctor in case of serious or acute health problems. However, a mesologist can be a valuable addition to regular healthcare and can help patients achieve better health and well-being.

Mesology video

If you would like some more information about Mesology, you can watch this short introductory video.

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