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Rates & Fees

Intake Consultation

90 - 120 minutes

During the first consultation, we spend extra time getting a clear picture of your current health and goals. You will receive customized advice, including lifestyle and nutritional advice, supplement recommendations and combinations thereof.


Repeat consultation

​60 - 90 minutes

After 6-10 weeks we plan a follow-up consultation in which we repeat all the examinations and evaluate the effects of the previous treatment. We also discuss possible further steps.


Child consultation

​45 - 60 minutes

Due to age, complaints are usually easier to trace to the cause, and the child recovers faster. Usually one to two treatments are sufficient for the desired result.




60 minutes



Increasingly, mesology consultations are being reimbursed by health insurance companies. However, coverage and reimbursements may vary depending on your specific insurance and policy. We recommend that you contact your health insurance company directly to confirm exact reimbursements for mesology consultations. Remember that investing in your health is always a worthwhile investment, regardless of your insurance coverage.

Blood test

More information soon


If an appointment cannot go ahead, I would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

If you cancel within 48 hours before the consultation, I will unfortunately have to charge you for the consultation.

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