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Before the consultation I would like to receive the intake form, a global overview of what is being eaten. and information about the complaints.

Desk with research paper, consultation, read through completed documents and discuss them. History
Delve deeper into the completed intake forms, food overview, history, complaint and symptoms information
The road to balance
Extensive personal individual advice that can be implemented immediately

During the consultation we will discuss the intake form and discuss the complaints and history in detail.

 From Ayurveda and Chinese medicine there is a tongue and pulse diagnosis.

The tongue and pulse give me a lot of information about your health.

Based on this information, you will receive personal advice which you can implement immediately.

Me and my colleagues notice that

the best result is achieved 

with for at least two consultations.

There is approximately 4-6 weeks between consultations. Depending on the situation and needs, more can be scheduled.


Contact us for:

  • Free introductory consultation

  • Mesology consultation

  • Massages

  • Other questions

Bedankt voor uw interesse!

Reimbursement and cancellation

Meso-nutrition coach

There is no insurance reimbursement for the Meso nutrition coach consultations.

Although activities such as the gym, sauna, and other activities that affect your overall health are not reimbursed by insurance.


If the consultation is canceled within 24 hours prior to the appointment,  I am forced to charge the full amount


Reimbursement is possible for Mesology consultations at the IMC if you have additional insurance.

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