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Meso-Nutrition Coach?

The Meso-Nutrition Coach can help you with a diet that suits your unique structure, digestion, your actions and that suits your way of life. 


As a nutritionist, the Meso-Nutrition Coach looks at your personal situation from several angles and the treatment is based on the following pillars:

Nutrition, diets, intolerances

Complaints and signals 

Western and Eastern Medicine

Orthomolecular Medicine

Biochemistry, Physiology of your body

Physical and Mental condition

Sports and Exercise 

In addition, it is for a Meso-Nutrition Coach possible to test how you react to certain foods on the basis of the Electro Physiological Research. 

Mortar and herbs, because good health starts with the right diet

Meso Nutrition Consultation

Me and my colleagues notice that

the best result is achieved with a minimum of two consultations.

There is about 4 weeks between the consultations. Depending on the situation and needs, more can be planned.

What does the consultation look like?

Before the consultation

I would like to receive a completed intake form and an overview of the food eaten. 

During the consultation

We review the documents thoroughly, we will discuss in detail what is eaten, the habits while eating, and on the history of the complaints. 

Tongue and wrist research

In addition, I will use the tongue and pulse diagnosis from Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

The wrist  and tongue provide a lot of information about the organs and their functioning. 

For example, I feel the pressure and force of the wrist. And I look at the color, shape and moisture of the tongue.

Limited Electro Physiological Research

During the limited EFD examination, I measure 10 points on my hands and feet. These points are connected to organ systems and have a certain value. If this value deviates, it provides information about, for example, the digestion or recognition of foods.

Based on all the information provided, and the knowledge from the different perspectives, 

I give comprehensive advice that you can use immediately after the consultation. 

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